Three new drawings by Emma Rodgers now online

Stephen Campbell - My Daemon


    Stephen Campbell - My Daemon

    Puzzle Factory Original Oil Paint on Canvas
    Signed and titled by the artist
    24" x 36"


    Stephen Campbell - My Daemon - Two angles of my good friend while he was feeling like a train wreck. I have always been interested in stereoptic vision which is how we as predators pinpoint objects in three dimensions. This is how virtual reality glasses, or magic eye posters, holograms, lenticular printing etc, work - you have an image for each eye. At the Puzzle Factory, we thought it would be fun to use this to play around with senses of scale. I used the geometry I had been working out for the human wallpaper to create a guide to how a human face can be constructed on a canvas and a low relief made from piano wires so that an artisan can create two images of the exact (enough) same proportions. Then look at the model through a piece of glass with the same design so the image can be copied similar to a gridding-up system. Using contrasting colours just adds to the fun and hopefully makes the viewer feel as sick as Thomas did at the time.


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