Six New works by Lucy Manfredi now online

Simeon Stafford - Winter Street Scene


    Simeon Stafford - Winter Street Scene

    Oil on Canvas
    Signed and inscribed on the front and back
    Completed in 2001
    Image size - 45.5 x 61cm
    Frame size - 81 x 66 cm

    Simeon Stafford - Winter Street Scene is an oil painting depicting a fun day in the streets of the North, while it is snowing. We can see children playing, either building snowmen or pulling one another along on a sledge. While the row of houses in the distance all have black smoke pouring from the chimneys, a very common sight many years ago.  One of the wonderful things about Simeon's work is his character building and storytelling. Each person has a role to play and although simply painted, they scream narrative.


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