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L.S. Lowry - Sunday Afternoon

    L.S. Lowry - Sunday Afternoon
    Original Lithograph
    Edition of 75
    Signed by Lowry
    Image: 476 x 610 mm
    Published by Ganymed Publishing
    Printed from the stone by M. E. Wolsenberger, Zurich

    Part of the Tate Collection

    L.S. Lowry - Sunday Afternoon is one of 14 lithographs the artists made in 1969 with Ganymed Publishing.  The Lithographs were printed in Switzerland in very small editions of just 75 copies which Lowry personally signed.  These Lithographs are the only pieces of Lowry's printed works which are a part of the Tate Collection, which shows their importance in the scheme of his work. The 14 prints he made between 1969 and 1970 were the only original lithographs he made in his career, (bar one).