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Julian Trevelyan - Etching Souk

    Julian Trevelyan - Etching Souk

    Etching, Aquatint and soft ground from two steel plates
    Edition of 65 with 12 Artist proofs
    Image 35 x 48 cm
    Paper 77.4 x 59.5 cm
    Published by Leslie Waddington Prints Ltd
    Printed by Studio Prints
    Signed by the artist
    Catalogue number: 262

    Julian Trevelyan - Etching Souk is a very rare print in the work of this top tier printmaker and painter. Trevelyan created a large body of prints and was taught by Stanley William Hayter and would eventually go in to teach David Hockney.

    A part of the Tate Collection



Julian Trevelyan - Windsor