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John Piper - Eye and Camera: Blue to Yellow

    John Piper - Eye and Camera: Blue to Yellow

    Screenprint 1967 
    Edition of 70 
    This print is not signed 
    Levinson 181 
    Image: 685 x 490 mm 
    Frame: 950 x 750 mm 

    Part of the Tate Collection. 

    John Piper - Eye and Camera: Blue to Yellow is a very rare copy, what makes it rare is the fact that when piper was printing the main run, he printed the Yellow figure to the bottom right of the image, he turned the plate mid-run and printed just a few copies with the yellow figure top left. He did this with the signed edition and the unsigned edition, making these real collector's pieces.

    The Eye and Camera series was a body of work in a direction that Piper decided to explore in the 1960s. As the title suggests it was photography based. Piper extensively photographed his wife Myfanwy and developed the images himself in a dark room, he played with the juxtaposition of images, and then with the colours. The results of this highly experimental stage of his career can be seen in the legacy of these prints and the much sought after original works which come up for sale from time to time. 

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