Joan Miro Ltd Ed Lithograph - Untitled 2
    Joan Miro
    Original Lithograph 2
    Double Page
    Limited Edition of 5000 copies
    Unsigned Edition
    14" x 20"

    In 1972 Miro created for the first volume of his lithographic works (as he did for the second) an original lithograph in colour for the cover, 11 original lithographs which were included in the book and two additional lithographs which were included in the deluxe version, of which 150 copies were made.

    All these lithographs are finished in black frames.joan-miro-1,joan-miro-derrier-le-mirroir-3,joan-miro-derrier-le-mirroir-11,joan-miro-derrier-le-mirroir-4,joan-miro-derrier-le-mirroir-10,joan-miro-derrier-le-mirroir-5,joan-miro-3,joan-miro-4,joan-miro-5