Six New works by Lucy Manfredi now online

Helen Bradley - The four seasons


    Helen Bradley - The four seasons

    Signed Limited Edition of 850 copies
    FATG Stamped
    Photo lithograph on paper
    Published 1974 by Miss Carter Publications
    23 x 30 cm each print image size

    We sell all four prints together with this set, the Autumn print is the most desirable of the four and the rarest to find.

    Helen Bradley - The four seasons is one of a set of four paintings she made into prints which comprise the four seasons of the year, they have historically been among her most sought after limited editions.  Helen Bradley's paintings centre around her families adventures as a well to do family in the Edwardian period. The characters in her paintings are all her family, her Mother, her Aunties, herself and her younger brother George. Miss Carter is always present, noticeable by her pink clothing.