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Helen Bradley - Big Bertha Comes to Lees


    Helen Bradley - Big Bertha Comes to Lees

    Signed Limited Edition of 500 copies
    FATG Stamped
    Photolithograph on paper
    Published 1976 by Miss Carter Publications
    45.1 cm x 60.3 cm Image size


    Helen Bradley - Big Bertha Comes to Lees is a colourful edition by the artist depicting another day in the life of her family, this time we see the road locomotive known as 'Big Bertha' this was a steam-driven engine and could be used for a multitude of tasks, from farming to road levelling depending on the fitment for the front of the engine.  It's hard to pinpoint exactly what model Big Bertha was, due to the fact that Helen painted this from memory and may have changed some aspects of the design. The characters in her paintings are all her family, her Mother, her Aunties, herself and her younger brother George. Miss Carter is always present, noticeable by her pink clothing.