Six New works by Lucy Manfredi now online

Elisabeth Frink - Spinning Man I


    Elisabeth Frink - Spinning Man I


    Signed in Pencil 
    Limited Edition of 45
    Image 57cm x 80 cm
    Frame 104 x 87 cm
    Printed by Curwen Studio
    Printed on handmade Barcham Green Crisbrook Paper
    Published - 1965


    For more information on this print, see it here in the Tate Collection 

    Elisabeth Frink - Spinning Man I is one of the early graphic works by one of Britains greatest female sculptors. Known for her animal sculptures and her famous Goggleheads, the Spinning man series was her introduction to large-scale printmaking. With a small edition of just 45 copies, the majority of this edition can only be found in Museums and National Collections. They are very rarely seen in private hands.