Three new drawings by Emma Rodgers now online

Billy Childish - Frozen Estuary off Chatham 1895

    Billy Childish - Frozen Estuary off Chatham 1895
    Archival reproduction
    Signed with his usual hangman's gallows symbol
    From the edition of 31 copies
    Paper size - 42 x 30.5 cm
    Image size - 39 x 25.5 cm
    Provenanced directly from the printing house

    Billy Childish - Frozen Estuary off Chatham 1895 is a stunning example of the artist's work, faithfully reproduced in archival print form from the original painting. The image is inspired by historic photographs of this area combined with the artist’s own iconography and personal memories. Childish also cites Joseph Conrad as an influence, who also lived and wrote in north Kent quite near to where Childish lives today. Conrad’s novel "The Heart of Darkness" is set onboard a small vessel resting at anchor off Gravesend, a town on the River Thames 6 miles from Childish’s home.


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