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Alan Lowndes Pencil Drawing Alfred Wallis House

    Alan Lowndes Pencil Drawing Alfred Wallis House
    'Alfred Wallis's House, St Ives' 
    Pencil and charcoal on paper 
    21 x 29 cm 
    Signed by the Artist 

    Provenance - Valerie Lowndes (Artists Wife)

    Alan Lowndes Pencil Drawing Alfred Wallis House

    shows an artists humble home in St Ives, where many of the great artistic innovators of the 20th Century had been attracted for many reasons; the light and the strong artist community that the town offered them being foremost. Alan was an admirer of Alfred Wallis who had captured the eye of many artists including Ben Nicholson and Peter Lanyon. Wallis painted in a naive style on found objects such as driftwood and cardboard that he would find on the beach or in the streets of St Ives. His work consisted mostly of seascapes featuring fishing boats and trawlers. The house in this drawing is where he showcased his work and where artists would seek him out.