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Covid-19 Policy

The health and safety of our customers and workers is De Lacey Fine Arts top priority. We are closely monitoring the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic, reviewing reports and guidance from government agencies, health experts and local, national and international retailers as the situation continues to evolve.

We are addressing the supply chain implications as well as developments related to the spread of the virus both globally and domestically.

At Delacey Fine Art, we are committed to offering our clients the safest possible environment. In light of this outbreak of Covid-19, we find ourselves having to change the very essence of the manner in which we do business and interact with people. With these new challenges in mind, we have devised a process which will aid us in offering the safest environment we can to our clients and visitors.

  1. All exhibition opening nights have been postponed to avoid any crowding or mass gatherings in our gallery at 9 South King Street, Manchester.
  2. Clear signage has been placed around the gallery advising on social distancing and precautionary measures.
  3. We will restrict groups to no more than 4 people in the gallery at any one time (provided no one else is in the gallery), with the gallery have a maximum occupancy of no more than 5 people at any one time including the sales staff.
  4. We will remove all seats from the gallery to avoid contact contamination.
  5. We will place hand sanitising facilities in the gallery.
  6. The viewing room will be suspended from use for the foreseeable future due to its size and the challenges posed by social distancing.
  7. Gallery returns will be subject to the frames (and in some cases glass/perspex) being cleaned and the item stored for three weeks before going back on sale.
  8. At the time of writing this policy, no members of staff at De Lacey Fine Art Ltd are Covid-19 positive, the temperature and health of all staff will be monitored to mitigate the risk of illness to ourselves and others.
  9. Appointments in the gallery can be made via email or telephone for private viewings, in cases of concern, we will lock the gallery and not allow anyone else to enter while your appointment is being conducted.
  10. Drinks and food will not be served on the premises for the foreseeable future.
  11. A thorough cleaning regime will be conducted in the gallery every day.
  12. At the request of clients, our sales staff can wear facemasks for the duration of your visit.

These precautions are for the safety of the public, our staff, and clients. We ask that when visiting our gallery you exercise caution in the cause of good social practice and hygene. We appreciate your consciencioussness and look forward to seeing you soon.