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William Ralph Turner

William Ralph Turner was a self-taught artist very much of the Northern School of painters.  He was born in Manchester on the 20th of April 1920. During the 1960s Turner visited the famous Tib Lane Gallery in Manchester and saw an exhibition of works by L.S.Lowry. Lowry's influence on the Post-War North-Western Art community was vast and anyone that was connected with him was deeply inspired by his work. Turner's work is deeply Northern, his colours and depictions of the Nothern industrial world are deep and strong. His compositions are more sympathetic than many of his peers. He has had many exhibitions at Galleries in England and has been featured in both versions of Peter Davies book A Northern School.

Illness cruely cut short his painting in 2005 when his Parkinsons Disease was too advanced for him to continue working at the easel. He died eight years later on July 10th 2013.

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