Six New works by Lucy Manfredi now online

The Connor Brothers

If you thought the Connor Brothers were two regular siblings who went into business together (much like me and my brother) you would be quite mistaken.  The Connor Brothers are a fictional duo with a full backstory to accompany them.

The brothers — twins Franklyn and Brendan — had been raised within a secretive and extreme Christian cult called ‘The Family’ that served to shield them from the mainstream media and other information in the outside world.

The far less interesting truth is that they are not even related, but are in fact two London Art dealers, Mike Snelle and James Golding. Unrelated as they may be none the less the back story, the work and the fanatic collectors all speak for themselves.  The Connor Brothers are a tour de force in the 2020s art markets and will continue to increase in repute and value as their work develops.

Taking old book covers and adding their own witty narrative 'Mills and Boon' has never looked so interesting. Their originals fetch increasing amounts at Auction and their prints are really gathering pace and an ever-increasing avid collector base.

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