Steve Capper

Steve Capper was born in 1944. At the age of 11 in 1955, he attended Manchester High School of Art and then in 1962 went on to attend the Manchester College of Art followed by Bretton Hall College in 1965.

Steve is a contemporary British artist who has had a fascinating career in Art. He was head of the art faculty in an Oldham comprehensive school, he also taught painting for 30 years and then took early retirement to concentrate on producing his own work.

Steve lives and works in the southern Pennines and these hills have had a major influence on his landscape work. He has developed a colourful and individual way of portraying the local landscape. His paintings of hills and valleys are produced by simple individual shapes, which combine to form more complex images. The shapes and patterns provide an ideal vehicle for Steve's work with a unique colour palette.

Going out and finding new subjects, Steve will do an on the spot sketch, which is then taken to his art studio, and used for reference, a whole new image is then constructed into the finished painting. Alongside his landscapes are his still life paintings, showing the influences of the Cubists and the Fauves. Speaking about his paintings Steve Capper has said "My work is not a photographic image of a single place, but rather a composite of several places. I am attempting to capture the feeling and atmosphere of Saddleworth and the Pennines, focusing on the shapes and patterns formed by the clouds, fields and trees etc. My use of primary colours is to emphasise the forms created by these special landscapes. I have been painting still life pieces for over forty years since I came across the work of Picasso, Braque and Mattice. The format feels like an old friend and something I am comfortable with."

Steve Capper's artwork has been exhibited at leading British Art Galleries and continues to be massively popular among collectors.

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