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Stephen Campbell

Stephen Cambell is an artist from Manchester who creates various works centred around perspective and mathematics. Stephen is one of the most cerebral people I have ever met and truly enjoys experimenting with shapes, sounds and light. Best known for his Convex perspective paintings, Stephen also has an incredible body of Abstract work, which is equally impressive. Each one has a hidden meaning and process which attributes changes in colour or is based on a mathematical sequence which holds value to the aesthetic. Stephen says of himself, "I don't know if art should be enjoyable, or challenging if it should be everlasting, silly, gimmicky, emotional, cerebral, expensive or cheap. I just don't want it to be boring. I do a lot of painting. I like to think that I am painting more than can be seen. Sometimes that means painting a bit of the real world, sometimes it means painting a bit of the abstract world. I am very particular about my materials so I make all my own paint. I wish I could say I came up with all the Mathematical concepts too."
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