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Simeon Stafford

Born in 1956 in Duckinfield, Greater Manchester - Simeon Stafford was encouraged by L.S.Lowry to paint when he was just 14.  This is something that clearly nudged Simeon in the direction which now occupies his life.  Simeon's paintings are fun and colourful, and much like Helen Bradley he can sometimes be wrongly compared to Lowry or put in that bracket. On the surface, they may have characteristics in common but the very essence of Stafford's paintings is the complete polar opposite of Lowry. Stafford's work is as much about enjoying life to the fullest as it is about capturing a moment in time.  His use of colour and composition is superb and the figures can be found in almost a rhythmic state within the painting. In 1997 Stafford had moved to Cornwall and met Patrick Heron and Terry Frost.  If you look at one of Simeon's paintings and look at the figures, you can see the manner in which he places them are hugely influenced by the Abstract paintings of St Ives.

Simeon Stafford's paintings have been collected by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Ex-Prime Ministers, and the Director and writer Richard Curtis.

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