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Sarah Connell

Sarah's paintings are primarily about light, atmosphere and colour. They are often of Manchester but the intention is that they transcend place, and speak to you the viewer wherever you are from.

Sarah Connell was born in Manchester and has painted in traditional media for as long as she can remember. Her parents are both creative and encouraged her as a child by buying her artist quality paints, Sarah's father was a printer so she always had paper by the ream to draw and paint on. Sarah studied Art History at The University of Nottingham, and then Fashion Design at Manchester Met, she worked in design and photography around Manchester before taking the leap and becoming a full time artist.

It was while working as a designer Sarah first encountered digital painting, and this still influences her work today through experiments with iPad painting. Her painterly atmospheric cityscapes acknowledge the legacy of Manchester's Northern Art School, whilst pushing forward new ideas within contemporary realism.

Sarah has exhibited at The Manchester Art Fair, and in 2020 Sarah was one of the artists on the 50 Windows Art Trail around Manchester.

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