Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson
Words by 
Sir Kyffin Williams R.A.

Robert Dawson was always one of the quiet men of art. He loved good painting and good paint. He had a passion for great art and loved the world that inspired it: but seldom did he talk about his own work, for he enjoyed the work of others, admiring what they did and often purchasing it.

Robert Dawson was a man of great modesty for his standards were high. Unlike so many of the younger artists today, he did not aspire to fame or artistic acclaim but quietly contented himself by working out his own problems in his own honest way.

Bob Dawson was a man of total integrity. He was a large and gentle man who lived with the high standards he set himself while producing work of very great merit. Because he painted what he loved he was able to communicate that love to others. For this reason, I believe, his work will always be appreciated long after the facile creations of today have been forgotten.

Robert Dawson was a much-respected member of the Royal Cambrian Academy and his pictures of Wales brought distinction to its exhibitions. We are lucky that he seemed to love our land and his work reflected this love.
Love is the casualty of the cold world of modern art, a brash world of strident gesture. In the middle of it work created by the quiet unassuming man from Nottingham will be seen increasingly as pictures of genuine merit bringing warmth and satisfaction to all who own them.

Sir Kyffin Williams Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Anglesey 2000

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