Peter Howson OBE

Peter Howson OBE is a Scottish artist and painter who was born in London in 1958. His parents would move back to their native Ayreshire when he was four years old.  His family, being religious, has impacted his work hugely, with many of his paintings depicting crucifixions and religious themes.

Howson was commissioned to be the official war artist of the Bosnian war in1993 by the Imperial War Museum in London. His figurative work shows men and women who are large in frame, and strong in stature. They face many hardships and toils and he captures this beautifully with his brush.

I first saw his work back in the 1990s at the Glasgow Museum of Art when I was visiting the area, and I was hugely impressed by the scale and power of these works. He remained an artist I would admire for many years.

He was awarded an OBE in 2009. The following year, BBC Scotland created a documentary in 2010 called "The Madness of Peter Howson" which charted his work on a commission for St Andrews Cathedral. The Documentary delved into his battles with mental health and his challenges with Aspergers Syndrome.

Peter Howson's work is widely collected and has many celebrity owners of his paintings.

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