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Paul Lloyd

Paul Lloyd is a Manchester-based artist born in London in 1961, working primarily in oils from his studio in Macclesfield. Paul studied at the old Hornsey School of Art before returning to work in central Manchester with a 20-year career in Graphic Design,
"I love Manchester. I have so many happy memories of this city. I think many of the images I have painted have been burnt into my memory over the years. I love the play of light on the Victorian buildings and the reflective qualities of the rain on the pavements. Twilight is my favourite time to capture the City as the colours are so intensified.
With each visit I am surprised. I am forever chasing the sun and rain as this dramatically changes the mood and atmosphere of the city. I guess this is what my paintings are all about. Light, mood and atmosphere"

'For me, it has been so important to learn some of the more traditional methods about painting (often lacking in many artist's work) and so there has been a reluctance (until now) in trying to sell my work. I have just wanted to reflect and research from the best artists/tutors and discover my style and narrative."

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