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Paul Hogarth R.A.

Paul Hogarth R.A. was born in Kendal, Cumbria in 1917. His family moved to Manchester when he was just six years old. As he grew older and began to take an interest in drawing and painting he enrolled at the Manchester School of Art where he would begin his art student life. He would later go on to study in London at St Martins School of Art.

His love of travel was the impetus for creating a body of work that would allow him to pay homage to the various places he had seen during his adventures in foreign lands. His paintings, drawings and prints of iconic landmarks have been widely appreciated both by British collectors and gallerists and Museums worldwide.

From 1959 -1961 Hogarth was the senior tutor of drawing at Cambridge School of Art. He would later go on to teach at the Royal College of Art from 1964 to 1971,

He was made a Royal Academician in 1984 and was awarded the OBE in 1989.

Paul Hogarth Died in December of 2001 at the age of 84.



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