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Helen Bradley - Fred Walmsley's concert party Ltd Ed


    Helen Bradley - Fred Walmsley's concert party Ltd Ed

    Signed Limited Edition of 850 copies
    FATG Stamped
    Photolithograph on paper
    Published 1977 by Miss Carter Publications
    36.1 cm x 54.3 cm Image size


    Helen Bradley - Fred Walmsley's concert party Ltd Ed is a colourful edition by the artist depicting another day in the life of her family. This limited edition is extremely rare, not because of its edition size, but because this particular edition by Helen Bradley was prone to fading and blueing. In 20 years of dealing in Bradley editions, I've never had a single copy of Fred Walmsley's concert party that wasn't faded. This example is as good as it gets, with lovely vibrant colours and a clean overall print. I would estimate that 80 - 90% of this edition is blued or faded. What we have here is a real rarity.


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