Josef Herman

Josef Herman R.A.
(1911 - 2000)

Born in Poland in 1911 Herman left his place of Birth in 1938 under a cloud of Militarist Fascism, Herman a young Jewish intellect made his way to Brussels where he stayed for a period and was influenced by the Belgian expressionists which was something that would be a constant companion throughout his career. He moved onto Britain eventually albeit by accident as was intending to reach Canada, he travelled through Liverpool and Glasgow before settling in London. The majority of Herman’s work is based around the human form, although occasionally one can come across a Still life of a flower or vase or a nice landscape. Joseph Herman's Figure's are of working men, nudes, portraits or Mothers and children. His Oil paintings, watercolours, pen & Inks, pencils and other media of work each contain an element of this artists immense talent, a talent that has produced a body of work so rich in quality that it is sought after by collectors and held in high regard by the art world in general.
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