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Joan Miro

Joan Miro
(1893 - 1983)

Among the great 20th Century painters stands the work of Joan Miro. Born in Catalonia, Spain and renowned all over the world for his unique and instantly recognisable style of painting, he was taught by Francisc Gali at an art school in Barcelona. Miro constantly pushed the boundaries of form and conception with his surrealist style. He made outspoken comments such as wanting to "Assassinate painting", being fuelled by the same energy, and dissatisfaction with conventional painting methods which caused Marcel Duchamp to add a moustache to the Mona Lisa. It was not until 1930 ten years after Miro had made his mark as a painter that he produced his first Lithograph, his first etching came two years later, his love of lithography is evident by only being surpassed in output by Picasso. Miro added more of a personal touch to his Lithographs by personally choosing his paper type and overseeing production.
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