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Jasmine Gardner

Jasmine Gardner – Born 1997

Jasmine is a Manchester-based Artist who graduated in Fine Art and Art History with a 1st Class BA Hons degree from the Manchester School of Art and is currently studying a theory-based MA in Research at the same university. During her studies, she has maintained her practice by exhibiting locally with both larger organisations, such as HOME (2022) and small independent such as Short Supply (2021) and Cotton On (2021/2022). She regularly takes part in art fairs and pop-up exhibitions to broaden her network and with a keen mindset to make her mark on Manchester’s thriving arts scene.

Having been born in Suzhou, China and adopted into a white family from Essex, UK from the age of seven months old, Jasmine has been able to deploy her unique perspective of being a Chinese woman and exposure to the Western art world to create an interdisciplinary body of work.

Though her love for vivid colour, mixed media and surrealist motifs have been a constant interest in her work, subjects and aesthetics of Chinese influence were somewhat forced upon her based on the premise that she physically looks Chinese. With the vague brief from an undergraduate tutor to “explore her heritage”, a heritage to which she has no direct connection, she decided to take matters into her own hands and utilise her interest in paying homage to the historical craft and confronting xenophobia toward the Chinese and East/South-East Asian community.

Using paint, ink, lino printing, ceramics and paper cutting Jasmine brings traditional Chinese objects, craft, aesthetics, and creatures into a contemporary context by creatively interweaving colour, material and subjects that would not usually cross over. Subjects of the work often aim to pair symbolism with her developed style that emulates a fluidity that resembles her search for a fluid sense of cultural identity. Her work allows her to connect with and maintain an explorative interest in a heritage of which she, and the viewer, may have such limited knowledge.


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