Three new drawings by Emma Rodgers now online

Emma Rodgers - Tony Wilson


    Emma Rodgers - Tony Wilson

    Hand-patinated and cast Bronze
    Edition of 9
    68cm high 35cm deep 35cm wide

    Cast at Castle Fine Art Foundry - Wales

    Emma Rodgers - Tony Wilson is a sculpture which was first mooted several years ago, the well-loved 'Mr Manchester' wore many hats, businessman, record producer, nightclub owner, TV and Radio personality and much much more. This sculpture has parts of records that Tony Wilson produced during his career at Factory records which were broken up and added to his hairline, an apt addition, in that being a music man he was involved in many facets of the business and had a very successful career. Every sale of this sculpture will see £1000.00 donated to the Salford Ceremonial Mayors Charity which will help these three local charities;

    Animals in distress
    This charity was founded in 1967 to alleviate the suffering of sick and injured animals. Their work includes 24-hour rescue, veterinary treatment and neutering. They look after strays, abandoned animals and cruelty cases in the city.

    Salford Loaves and Fishes
    This charity brings together a wealth of experience and expertise working with homeless, vulnerable and isolated people in the city. They have supported many people, embracing, empowering and offering hope to those in need.

    Salford Children’s Holiday Camp
    The holiday camp was established in 1926, by way of an endowment of an area of land on the north Wales coast at Prestatyn. 'The Jam Butty Camp' as it is affectionately known was set up to provide respite for the poor children of industrial Salford and continues to help many children living in poverty today to enjoy a well-deserved break by the seaside.


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