Three new drawings by Emma Rodgers now online

Emma Rodgers - Spiritus


    Emma Rodgers - Spiritus

    Hand patinated Bronze set on a steel base
    Edition of 9
    Length 180cm
    Height 61cm 
    Width 40cm
    Cast at Castle Fine Art Foundry - Liverpool.

    Emma Rodgers - Spiritus is based on a Mongolian hunt, here we see the horses at full gallop with the riders in different poses from front to back. Some are merely the suggestion of a rider and have just a hand or leg in place. Emma allows the viewer to fill in the rest of the detail in their mind.  The movement captured in this sculpture is sublime and leads the viewer to imagine the horses will actually run free of the base.  Constructed in four sections this sculpture offers extraordinary quality and beauty.


Emma Rodgers - Salford First
Emma Rodgers - Tony Wilson