Derek Stockley

Derek Stockley was educated at St Martins College in London under the tutelage of such artistic giants as Gillian Ayres, Frederick Gore and Henry Mundy. With over 26 showings at major London Art institutions, Derek Stockley was an important figure in Modern Art. Well known for his abstract paintings, Derek's work also encompassed portraiture in which he was exceptionally talented. He was a lover of printmaking and produced some excellent work with Woodcuts, many of which were portraits of his friends and idols. He lived in the hay day of Modern British Art and although he didn't hit the stratospheric heights of his drinking pal, Francis Bacon, he remains a very collectable and accessible artist.  Derek sadly passed away in 2018 but the legacy of his family and his artwork endures.

"Derek Stockley was a natural, a gifted abstract painter and latterly printmaker who led a topsy turvy life underpinned by exuberant humour, strong outpouring emotion and loyal personal and professional devotion to the cause of art, family and friends despite the interception of capricious fortune."
Peter Davies - Author and Art Critic

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