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Ben Eine

Ben Eine is known as a street artist.  His instantly recognisable style is a typeface in a circus or entertainment style. Eine changes the colours and compositions of the letters and often uses them to send out messages of hope or rebellion.  His work first appeared around London and other parts of the UK on shop shutters, many of which have now been mapped for ease of location.  Eine began to work on Screenprints for other artists at a company called POW and he was soon involved in work by David Shrigley, James Hewlett and the infamous Banksy.  He left this work in 2008 to pursue his own creative career, but he took with him a skill set which would stand him in excellent stead for this next chapter of his work.

in 2010 Eine's work was presented to American President Barack Obama by Prime Minister David Cameron whilst on a state visit.

In 2011, Eine was invited by Amnesty International to design its 50th-anniversary poster, joining other artists such as Picasso and Miro in supporting the charity through art.

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