Six New works by Lucy Manfredi now online

New updates to the website

Keen eyed visitors to our website will have noticed some changes to the layout of the menu bar and the addition of some new pages.

The first changes we've made are at the top of every page, our menu now has two drop down menu's which will give more details on certain aspects of the company. This gives us a lot more options with regards to layout and content and will eventually be a huge addition to the site.

The first big change is the addition of the Exhibition page which will show an active calendar. You can click events in the calendar and see more information on them, it will also give you a link to google maps which will allow you to find us easily and if you scroll down, there's a button which will allow you to add the calendar event to your mobile device or PC; so you don't miss it. We've also included an email option which will allow you to register your attendance of an event. 

We've also added two new information pages; one on the gallery and one on the company. Both of these have different uses, 'Our Gallery' has the google maps option as well as some useful information on parking and train stations etc. The About us page gives a little history of our company.

The blog page is now fully live and will be regularly updated with information on everything going on in the art world and De Lacey Fine Art in particular.

We've also fully revamped the 'Contact Us' page, with a new contact form and opening times and phone numbers making it easier for you to get in touch with us.

More changes will be following as we move forward, the gallery is a constantly evolving entity and there's always room for innovation and improvement. We constantly strive to do better.

Thanks for reading this and please keep checking back for more updates and art information.